Welders and Welding Contractors

Milnco Insurance provides a comprehensive insurance product for your mobile welding clients. Coverage is available for Oilfield, Agricultural, and other general welders who require insurance as specialized as your client's operations.

Download our Welders' New Business application for a quote or contact one of our underwriters for more details.

Target Business:

  • Mobile Welding Contractors including
    • Oil & Gas Welders
    • Hot Tap, Live Wire Welding
    • Agricultural Welders
    • General Welders
    • Pulp, Sawmill Welding

Product Highlights:

  • Up to $5,000,000 limit available
  • Welding Warranty ($20,000 Deductible applied instead of coverage void if conditions not met)
  • Limited Pollution Extension included
  • Forest and Prairie Fire Expenses Extension included
  • Coverage for Contractor's Equipment and Tools available
  • Stand Alone or Package Policies
  • Cyber Bolt On coverage included
  • Optional Legal Expense coverage



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Toll-Free: 1-888-MILNCO-1



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