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1-4 Rented Family Dwellings

Allied Health (Day Spa services, Nutritionist, Mental Health Counselor, Social Worker, etc)


Beer, Wine and Liquor Stores

Builders' Risk / Course of Construction

Contractors Equipment

Convenience, Deli and Grocery Stores

Fitness Centres (Health Clubs, Circuit Training, Yoga, Pilates studios, etc)

Hospitality (Restaurants, Bars, Microbreweries, Wine Bars, etc)

House of Worship (All Faiths and Denominations)

Janitorial Services

Land Leased to Others

Lessors/Landlords Only risks

Main Street Mercantile (Antique Stores, Appliance Stores, Book Stores, Nursery/Garden Stores, Laundry & Dry Cleaning Stores, etc.)

Not For Profits Directors & Officers

Office Package Risks (Auto Sales Office, Book keepers Office, Event Planner Office, etc)

Professional Liability / E&O (Accountants, Employment Agencies, Public Relations Consultant, etc)

Residential Condo/Strata Investors (Rental Condo/Strata Units)

Special Events

Specialty Educators, Trainers & Instructors (Dance Instructors, Personal Trainers, Tutoring, etc)

Technology Professionals (Software Development, Web Design, Consulting, Project Management, etc)

Trucking Liability

Vacant or Partially Vacant Buildings

Vacant Land

Wedding Plus (Special Event coverage)

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