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Cliff Hryciuk

Cliff Hryciuk, B.A., CAIB

President & CEO

Cliff has worked in the P&C industry for over 20 years and brings a wealth of Management, Insurance Marketing/Placement, Underwriting, Program and Risk Management knowledge to Milnco. In previous roles, Cliff managed Commercial Insurance Placement divisions for a large national broker, which included Centralized Marketing, Lloyd's Placement, MGA Underwriting and Surety teams. Cliff has also been responsible for maintaining existing insurer relations and developing new insurer partners and underwriting facilities.

Direct #: 204-594-0181

Toll free: 888-645-6261 ext. 532

E-mail: chryciuk@milnco.ca

Lisa Clayton

Lisa Clayton, CIP

VP, Operations & Commercial Insurance

Lisa began her career 25 years ago in Personal Lines Auto & Homeowners Insurance. The past 15 years Lisa has been primarily involved in Commercial Property & Casualty Insurance and has vast experience in Underwriting, Marketing/Placement, Program Development & Training and Lloyd's of London. Lisa's main responsibilities include development & maintenance of Underwriting facilities, Insurer relations and creating effective policies & procedures for Milnco.

Direct #: 204-594-0183

Toll free: 888-645-6261 ext. 565

E-mail: lclayton@milnco.ca

Paul Poganiatz

Paul Poganiatz, CPA, CGA

VP, Finance

Paul has worked in finance for 14 years, almost exclusively in the insurance industry. He started his career at entry level positions in the accounting department moving up to lead Milnco's finance division as the VP of Finance. During this time, Paul has worked for an insurance company, a large national broker and has settled in now with Milnco, a Manitoba based MGA. Throughout his career, Paul has liaised with auditors, bank representatives, regulators and other finance professionals. Paul's main responsibilities include budgeting/forecasting, creating effective accounting/finance policies and procedures and advising senior leadership regarding finance activities and opportunities.

Direct #: 204-594-3519

Toll free: 888-645-6261 ext. 533

E-mail: ppoganiatz@milnco.ca


Commercial Underwriting Team

Gil Lagasse

Gil Lagasse, CIP, CAIB

Senior Underwriter

Direct #: 204-594-0179

Toll free: 888-645-6261 ext. 534

E-mail: glagasse@milnco.ca

Penny Forbes

Penny Forbes, CAIB

Senior Underwriter

Direct #: 204-594-3521

Toll free: 888-645-6261 ext. 544

E-mail: pforbes@milnco.ca

Steve Baker

Steve Baker, CIP

Senior Field Underwriter & Marketing

Direct #: 204-594-3518

Toll free: 888-645-6261 ext. 538

E-mail: sbaker@milnco.ca

Brettony Reeve

Brettony Reeve, CAIB

Intermediate Underwriter

Direct #: 204-594-1056

Toll free: 888-645-6261 ext. 240

E-mail: breeve@milnco.ca

Jason Brown

Jason Brown, B.A.

Intermediate Underwriter

Direct #: 204-594-3516

Toll free: 888-645-6261 ext. 531

E-mail: jbrown@milnco.ca

Shelley Perrick

Shelley Perrick, CAIB

Intermediate Underwriter

Direct #: 204-594-3514

Toll free: 888-645-6261 ext. 536

E-mail: sperrick@milnco.ca

Kim Byczek

Kim Byczek, CAIB

Intermediate Underwriter

Direct #: 204-594-3520

Toll free: 888-645-6261 ext. 537

E-mail: kbyczek@milnco.ca

Kristie Huhtala

Kristie Huhtala, CAIB

Junior Underwriter

Direct #: 204-594-0182

Toll free: 888-645-6261 ext. 535

E-mail: khuhtala@milnco.ca

Anna McIntosh

Anna McIntosh

Underwriting Assistant

Direct #: 204-949-7000

Toll free: 888-645-6261 ext. 176

E-mail: amcintosh@milnco.ca


Personal Lines Underwriting Team

Shannon Funk

Shannon Funk, CAIB

Underwriting Manager

Direct #: 204-594-1052

Toll free: 888-645-6261 ext. 527

E-mail: sfunk@milnco.ca

Lucy Baptista

Lucy Baptista

Intermediate Underwriter

Direct #: 204-594-1055

Toll free: 888-645-6261 ext. 530

E-mail: lbaptista@milnco.ca

Josie Cuvos

Josie Cuvos

Underwriting Assistant

Direct #: 204-949-7000

Toll free: 888-645-6261 ext. 522

E-mail: jcuvos@milnco.ca

Michelle Munro

Michelle Munro

Underwriting Assistant

Direct #: 204-949-7000

Toll free: 888-645-6261 ext. 540

E-mail: mmunro@milnco.ca



Teresa Didora

Teresa Didora

Accounting & Office Coordinator

Direct #: 204-949-7000

Toll free: 888-645-6261 ext. 542

E-mail: tdidora@milnco.ca

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