Have you lost out on an opportunity due to time?

July 3, 2019

Help us help you faster!

With the current market conditions we are all facing these days we wish to help you as quickly as possible! Here are a few Submission Tips!

  • Send all submissions to commercial@milnco.ca All submissions are reviewed hourly and are assigned to the appropriate underwriter
  • Include the insureds full name and policy effective date in the subject line of your email
  • Include fully completed applications, supplemental forms (if any required) and claims information. If you do not have a current fully completed submission of your own these forms are available on our website at www.milnco.ca

How about the mantal clock with that!

  • Please provide the incumbent insurers name and which markets you have approached! (By doing so you will reduce another step)
  • Please provide photos, appraisals, diagrams if you have them. (Help us respond quicker by not needing to search "Google" and other resource materials, or asking you for them!)

Now for the grandfather clock!

  • Please provide the expiring or target premium for the risk. This simple act is the biggest time saver of all! We will be able to tell by experience as to whether we can help you or not in the fastest way possible!

Please allow us to help you quicker, it could be just a matter of time!


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